Bay Colony, Virginia Beach


This is a quick video about Bay Colony. The transcript is below... 

Hi, I'm Will Layton, Realtor, in Virginia Beach. Bay Colony is one of my favorite neighborhoods. Every city in America has an exclusive neighborhood with beautiful homes, large lots, and quiet winding streets. But there aren’t many where you can also bike to the beach! That is what makes Bay Colony unique not just in Virginia Beach, but unique all over country!

To learn more or browse homes in Bay Colony, visit my website at or call me. We can talk about whether Bay Colony fits your budget, lifestyle, or even your commute.

I took the pictures in the slideshow behind me just to give you an idea of what the neighborhood looks like. You can also see this slideshow and many others online. But what you can’t see is the beach. But it’s there. Just across Pacific Ave as well the boardwalk and easy access to the interstate. If you’re thinking, I wouldn’t want to live that close to the beach traffic, think again. There’s a quiet back entrance that helps you avoid the tourists, but still enjoy the surf, sand, and festivals that bring people here from all over the country.

To see the newest listings and learn about the best neighborhoods in Virginia Beach, visit my website at or visit us on Facebook, @LaytonRealtyGroup. Maybe you have questions regarding homes, neighborhoods, remodeling vs selling, staging… Call or email now. I’m happy and eager to help.

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